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How did brands realise the true potential of digital marketing during the COVID 19 Pandemic?

The COVID 19 pandemic taught us a lot of lessons which has completely revolutionised the way we work in today's time.

While before the pandemic, digital marketing did exist, there were very few local businesses that were showing interest in testing the waters, but when traditional marketing channels were completely irrelevant during the time of the pandemic, they got to experience the true power of Digital Marketing towards uplifting their brand's identity and sales.

When it comes to traditional methods, there are many ways to place your brand and product in the market, but as we have witnessed it ourselves there isn’t a direct way to understand if our commercial has reached our target audience and how many customers have truly been influenced through their ad placement. This limitation could be completely taken care of when the companies approached digital marketing as their primary source.

Through Digital marketing channels, the companies were able to keep proper control as to who is targeting these advertisements, and at the end of their campaign, they would have analytics as to how many people have seen and responded to their advertisement to make further amendments for better results. The flexibility of targeting their advertisements to their desired audience not only helped them create brand awareness but also helped in amplifying their sales and brand notability.

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