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How did the COVID 19 Pandemic ignite the spark toward the Technological Revolution?

Initially when the COVID 19 pandemic struck our country, we all felt out of place and didn't know how to cope up with life when we are not able to connect with the outside world other than using technology like Television, Radio, Mobile Phones and Computers. Until then people had not realized how important it would be to have these gadgets in the coming years. While months started passing and lockdown and unlocking kept happening, people had no option than to work and study from home, but as not many were aware of the true potentials their gadgets possessed.

While struggling in the initial stage of the pandemic, everyone realized that the temporary solution to the current situation is to adopt technological advancements and this directly led to the rise of people using the internet. All basic and major tasks could be done from home itself as people who earlier connected via personal meetings, got to do it through platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.

There were many offices who operated offline and had to invest and train their employees into using ‘Workforce Management Tool’, to maintain a proper track of what work they are expected to do, currently working on and have completed. This did help them a lot with maintaining the productivity of their employees even while they were at their homes.

When it comes to school, adopting google classroom and google meet, teachers were able to maintain a stable communication with students where they could not only teach them but also share notes and other details at the click of few buttons. Even students had easy access to connect with their teachers with their doubts, submitting assignments and giving exams.

Hence, when using the Internet became a new normal, it made us realize that until today society was condemning the internet for all its ill practices, while not looking at what the true potential it holds. After the realization of how the internet has helped companies not only survive but flourish, which inspired a lot of developers to realize that, technologically we need to stand at least 10 years ahead of time and thus began their journey towards the Technological Revolution.

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