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How did digital marketers cope with the sudden rise in the need for Digital Marketing?

During the initial stage of the COVID 19 pandemic, majorly all businesses other than the ones termed as an ‘essential service’ were restricted and after slowly the unlock process began, it was quite tough for businesses to rely on traditional marketing platforms hence leaving them no choice but entering into digital marketing. When brands were made aware of the many benefits the digital marketing tactics possess, this led to a sudden spike in clients agencies were handling, and there came a time when brands decided to dedicate their entire marketing budget to digital mediums.

A while back the brand was investing thousands in digital marketing and the rest budget in traditional ones, they started investing the entire marketing budget which was in lacs of rupees to derive the desired outcome. The flexibility of promoting themselves on their desired platforms and to their selected target audience helped them in creating clearer content and have a noticeable impact on the response they receive through their visits, inquiry, and sales.

As people became distant from physical gatherings they chose the internet and social media platforms to be connected to each other. This directly contributed to bringing more and more accounts on social media and this made placing advertisements easy. Pre-Pandemic, while a brand would like to stick to specific platforms like Facebook or Instagram, decided to invest in all popular and unpopular social media platforms to showcase a 360 Degree of presence over the internet.

Many brands adapted the use of various social media campaigns where they either made people play bingo on their brand-made template or made them participate in various giveaway contests, while they either invested by distributing their templates or by distributing a few of their products for free, these steps helped them maintain brand visibility and this directly impacted in building the brand value it still possesses.

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